Fixed: Can't Access During Netgear EX3920 Setup

So, you are trying to set up your Netgear EX3920 WiFi extender! You are following each and every step given in its manual; but what's that? You stuck at the can't access error. Not to worry! Around 94% of users stuck at this error and end up with the partial Netgear EX3920 setup.

But we have got the fix to this issue. This post will guide you on how to resolve not working error, helping you make your Netgear EX3920 extender up and running. Let's take the plunge.

Solutions to Fix Can't Access

1:- Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Before we delve into advanced troubleshooting, have a quick glance at the basic troubleshooting tips highlighted below:

  • Double-check the web address you are using. Maybe you are utilizing the wrong web address or there are typos in the URL you entered.
  • Be sure that your Netgear EX3920 extender is properly powered on and getting constant power supply from the wall outlet.
  • The cable you are using to connect your extender and router should not include any damage or cuts.
  • There should not be any loose cable connections.
  • Power cycle your Netgear range extender. Unplug the extender for some time and then plug it back in again. After that, try accessing web page.
  • If you still can't access, check the web browser you are using. It should be updated. Furthermore, deleting cache, cookies, junk files, and browsing history would be a plus.
  • You can also try using another web browser for logging into your Netgear EX3920 WiFi range extender.
  • Run a speed test on your internet connection. Maybe it is sluggish due to which you are unable to access the web page.
  • Check the extender's hardware. If there is any sort of hardware damage, get it fixed immediately.
  • Check the placement of your Netgear EX3920 range extender. If it is placed near a concrete wall, cordless phone, microwave, Bluetooth speaker, and other interference-creating devices, relocate your extender.

2. Advanced Troubleshooting Tips

Are you now able to access mywifiext and complete your Netgear EX3920 setup ? If not, fret not! We have also covered a couple of advanced troubleshooting tips that will definitely fix the issue for you. Let's have a look at them:

1. Update Your Extender's Firmware:Have you updated your Netgear EX3920 extender's firmware? If not, perhaps this is the reason why you can't access So, check if there is new firmware version available for your extender. If yes, update your Netgear extender's firmware right away.

2. Reset Your Netgear EX3920 Extender :None of the above-mentioned fixes worked for you? Consider resetting as the last resort. Restore all the default factory settings on your Netgear EX3920 extender. All you need to do is just press and hold the Reset button on your extender using a paper clip. Once done, let the extender reboot itself. Now, try accessing the default web interface for your Netgear extender.

We hope that the fixes mentioned in this post have helped you in resolving the can't access issue during the Netgear EX3920 setup. Still facing the same issue? Get in touch with our technical experts immediately.

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